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In which Hope meets Will, convinces him to teach her to swordfight, and...well, you'll see.

Warning: Chapter Four contains sexual assault.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything POTC related.
NOTE: Sorry that last chapter was so sad and depressing. I thought it necessary to accentuate that part of Hope's life to help the flow of the rest of the prequel, with Jack Sparrow's entrance and her attitude towards him in the beginning.

Aria: Something about that scares me.


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Good grief, that's a long title.

In honor of PotC 5 (which I still haven't seen yet), I'm sporking this fic. Or rather, I'm making my OCs Aria and Naomi spork this fic.

Hey, ladies. Remember Gethsemane Butler?
Aria: I try not to. What about her?
Her stories are long gone off of, but her profile's still there...and with it, her favorites list.
Naomi: Oh, boy.
Most of them are from fandoms I don't know, but there were two PotC fics and one Phantom fic. This was the shortest of the three. The Sue is fairly inoffensive, but the prose and grammar suck. Shall we?
Aria: You say that like we have a choice.
Naomi: *elbows Aria* Sure!


Chapter One )

Next Chapter: A Life Started & A Future Ended

Aria: How do you end a future?
Naomi: Wait, the lights aren't coming back on. Does this mean we have to do another chapter?
Aria: I guess.

Warning: This chapter contains a death.

Chapter Two )

Next Chapter: The Art of Love

Naomi: I smell Sue-romance.
Aria: So do I, but that's for next chapter.
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This author's note is not the worst I've ever read, but I refuse to leave any part of this fic unsporked, so here you go.


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The final chapter, in which Erik has a flashback and decides to kidnap Christine.


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In which Alana is the voice of reason, Erik murders a random crewman, Erik and Meg rescue Jack, the author bastardizes song lyrics, Erik and Christine finally meet face-to-face, and I write a spitefic.


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In which Meg has a flashback, Jack finally shows up, and the author starts ripping off PotC left, right, and center.

The Persian sends his regards, but is unable to attend, as he is busy hunting Mary Sues.

*looks at sporkers* Are we ready?

*swings Punjab lasso*

*brandishes spork*

*hefts pistol*

I'll take that as a yes.


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More of this lousy crossover. The quality has not improved, so my OCs Jack and Harvey will help me spork this chapter.


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Apr. 10th, 2017 01:39 pm
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Today, I'm sporking the alleged prologue to a larger story, though it seems this is as far as the author got before abandoning the fic, since I can't find any more of it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. Why? Because this fic is by none other than Gethsemane Butler, a Suethor with two main claims to infamy. Number one: Her purple-prose-laden Suefics, all of which feature her self-insert hooking up with her canon lust object(s) of choice, writing out or killing off canon characters she doesn't like (usually her lust objects' canon love interests), and warping the main plot to revolve around her and her True Love. Number two: Her really creepy obsession with Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, and Bill Nighy. Fandoms she has written in include Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean, Labyrinth, Underworld, and Kingdom Hearts.

This fic, Rogue, is a companion to her PotC fic Heart of the Sea and its sequel Ghosts of the Abyss (the sporkings of which are here and here), though I can't tell if it's a prequel, a sequel, or something else. Our narrator is one Katherine Morgan, the Mary Sue of the hour. That's all I know, because there's no summary. My comments are in bold.


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Since this chapter is a particularly long abomination unto grammar, I'll try scripting it. I'm in bold, original text is in italics.


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Previously on "Love Upon the Sea," Christine was replaced by a whiny Sue and nothing made sense.
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That concludes chapter two. Join us next time, where Christine has a symbolic dream and does something very weird.
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Hello and welcome to my first sporking. It's billed as a Phantom of the Opera/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover but is really more of a PotO pirate AU with Captain Jack Sparrow thrown in for kicks. I don't know why. Actually, I don't know why anything happens in this fic.

Oh, right. So Erik and Christine can hook up and live sappily ever after. My mistake.
(Fortunately, the fic was abandoned before either of those things happened. Thank Calypso for small favors.)

Without further ado, let the sporking commence!
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