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At long last, it's finally up: Ghost Ship

If I don't receive at least one Raoul-bashing review, I will be very disappointed.
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Turns out I have no idea how to write an action scene. At all.

There is plenty of information about how pirates boarded ships, but nothing about how they actually got the captain and crew to surrender. So I'm on my own for that part.

I've decided to call the fic Ghost Ship, for lack of a better title.

I wish I had more faith in my writing skills.

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The good news: I wrote the prologue to my pirate!Christine fic.
The bad news: Now I have to write Chapter 1.

I want Chapter 1 to open with an action scene. I have never written an action scene before in my life.

Still, there's a first time for everything, right?
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So there's this idea I've been kicking around in my head for a few weeks now, which I haven't actually done anything with due to the little voice in my head saying, "This is a very bad idea and you shouldn't do it. It's got nothing in common with canon except the names. If you actually write this and post it online, it will end up being sporked somewhere."

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Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:48 am
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I'm not sure what to start working on first, the PotO pirate AU or the Eragon rewrite.
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I just had an idea for a scene I might end up using in one of my as-yet-unwritten HP fanfics.

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So I have an idea for a Harry Potter AU involving Slytherin!Chessmaster!Ron, slightly-unstable-due-to-suppression-of-magic Ariana-esque Harry, Ravenclaw!Hermione, and Manipulative!Dumbledore (though not in the way you'd expect, and no more manipulative than he is in canon, really).

*adds to list of fics I'll probably never write*

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(Pirate AU) Christine is a maid in Comte Philippe de Chagny's household. When his younger brother Raoul convinces her to run away to sea with him, they set sail for adventure. But what happens when Christine and Raoul encounter the dreaded pirate known only as the Phantom?

Now all I need is to write the fic.
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So I have a pretty good fic premise and not much else. I need to figure out what a world in the aftermath of a war between Mary Sues and sporkers would look like.

And who's in charge of things now.

And how to get the main group of heroes together.

And how the heroes find out about the Sues in the first place.

And what they do about it.

And how the Sues are eventually defeated.

And what other fandoms I'm going to include along with the two main ones.

And where to post the fic when I write it.

And how to crosspost from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth.



Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:38 am
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*really, REALLY wants to write a fic like The Shining Creatures, but is afraid of ripping off The Shining Creatures*
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I am seriously considering deliberately writing a bad Mary-Sue fanfic and posting it on just so I can watch how people react to it.

Save me.
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1 - Your current OTP. If you don't have an OTP, one of your favorite characters.

I have a lot of OTPs. Right now I'll go with Jay/Carlos from Descendants.

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"Hmm ... I wonder if any fanfic communities have tried that: re-imagine Potter based only on the chapter headings."

~Dan H over on Ferretbrain

Tempting. Oh-so-very tempting.


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