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In which Alana is the voice of reason, Erik murders a random crewman, Erik and Meg rescue Jack, the author bastardizes song lyrics, Erik and Christine finally meet face-to-face, and I write a spitefic.



Christine: I don't know what that means, and I'm not sure I want to.


A/N: Anything you recognize…I don't bloody own it…'kay? Got any objections? TAKE 'EM ELSEWHERE! You try trying to intermingle these stories and stay in the 17-century period's lingo…

Erik: You're doing a terrible job.

something's you'll just have to say…

Erik: We have lots of things to say, provided we get to talk more in this chapter than in the last one.

Dedication: I have one HUGE dedication to go out to my Beta, Canangelscry!!! She has helped me through the worst writers know where you know where you are going, just not sure which ship to take...yeah...I LOVE HER! She is my best friend what can I say!
Last time on Love Upon the Sea...Christine learns more about Erik...The Admiral, Raoul left our Captain Jack Sparrow in a cell with the two guards that almost aided in his escape...

Raoul: Put like that, I don't sound very bright.

Chapter 7: A Daring Rescue and Moonlit Revelation
Christine's day has ended much like those in the past since the Vicomte had arrived. The endless high society parties

Christine: What parties? I haven't attended any parties in this fic.

and the foppish behavior of her childhood friend

Raoul: *wearily* Yes, yes, I know the fandom thinks I'm General Custer, can we get on with it?

are taxing on her emotions. She is retiring to her room for a solace that is short lived when an all-too-familiar knock raps upon her door. She leaps to her bed and grabs the nearest thing, which happens to be a book and begins reading it.

Just then her mother impatiently enters the room in a huff. "Christine, what are you on about? Did you not hear me knocking at the door?"

"Ah…huh…Oh, hello Mother. I am dreadfully sorry. It is just…my book…it is so delightful," The girl expresses, looking innocent and engulfed in her readings.

Erik: How does one do that?

"Oh? Is that the book that the Vicomte brought back from France?" Alana asks inquisitively, as opposed to uninterestedly, with a brow raised.

Christine looks up in horror, as her mother is correct. Raoul had been the bearer of the book that captivates her attention.

Raoul: You were happy enough to receive it when I gave it to you. What changed?

She places it on the table, pretending to be finished, fumbling slightly with the blankets.

"Was there something you needed, Mother?" she questions, hoping that the answer would be short. Alana's voice turns stern as she walks towards her daughter.

"As a matter of fact, young lady, there is a reason for my visit. I would like to know what your intentions are with the Vicomte.

Christine: (Fic!Me): Feign interest in him while spending all my time dreaming of a pirate.

He has taken a genuine interest in you. Naturally, your father and I would like to see this through in the proper manner."

Lost in thought, the girl is unsure how to respond. Do I test her anger and tell her that these long days spent with Raoul are because I cannot bear another day by myself in this godforsaken prison? Or do I inform her of what she desires to hear?

Erik: Or you could be honest with her and say the Vicomte hasn't mentioned marriage to you.

"CHRISTINE? This is not a game. You must start thinking about your future…your survival." The governess is incensed by her daughter's lack of forethought.

"I understand mother, you remind me everyday," Christine says, feeling indignant at having to make a decision in this hasty manner.

Raoul: About what?

The governess is ashamed at her daughter's behavior and shouts her disapproval.

"I don't understand you Christine! It is a good match with the Vicomte De Changy. Don't be a fool! Raoul will ensure a prosperous life for you and your children."

Christine: Yes, he will. *smiles at Raoul*

Raoul: *smiles back*

"How can you place this burden upon my shoulders? I want an unconventional life. I desire to be free to make decisions as I see fit. It is necessity for me to be in love and to understand what falling in love is," the girl replies in an effort to allow her mother to see her point of view.

I hate it when historical fiction writers give modern worldviews to characters that live in a different era and therefore shouldn't have them. I really hate it. I especially hate anachronistically feminist speeches like that one.

Alana begins shaking her head vigorously as her objection was strong. "Christine, when will you come down from the clouds? You continue to dream of things that are impossible to accomplish. No pirate will ever have enough love in his black heart or enough gold on his ship to claim the heart of my daughter. Furthermore, I forbid you to keep dreaming of this pirate and a romance that will never come to the fore. You will no longer continue to embarrass our family with your childish tales."

All: *applaud wildly*

Christine's voice rose above her mother's retort. "You do not know if they are only tales! Some tales come straight from truth. I fancy a different way of life. Why is that incorrect thinking? Besides, why must I choose Raoul just for his background and position? Why can I not allow romance to come to me? Why must you push an arrangement upon me when I am unsure what I want?"

Erik: Will you be silent? An arranged marriage is not a death sentence!

Christine: More importantly, why am I objecting so strongly to this? Raoul's been nothing but a gentleman to me in this fic!

Raoul: Because, as one of the previous sporkers pointed out, I'm not Erik.

The governess wanted her daughter to understand further. "You are a woman and your choices are not always easy. When I met your father, we were not in love. However, we were betrothed and did what was expected of us. As will you, young lady."

All: Yes! Thank you!

"But I…I…" Christine arose from her bed realizing what her mother was saying and wished to protest.

Finally fed up with the conversation, Alana revealed how the events will transpire. "Nonsense, girl. The arrangements are already in place, Raoul wishes to wed

Raoul: I do? Then why haven't I proposed yet?

and you shall reside in France.

Christine: Why?

In a few days, this will no longer be your choice, my dear. The appropriate decision will be made for you if you resist."

You know, if you took those lines out of context, they sound like something a stereotypical mustache-twirling villain would say.

Christine's head hangs low in defeat as her mother strolls towards the lamp to extinguish the flame. Alana hesitates and turns to her daughter.

"Don't worry about it any more tonight. We have numerous things to accomplish after tomorrow's execution. Please rest, dear," she declares before leaving the room.

As the door closes, Christine bursts into tears as she places her face on top her pillow. Her spirit has been crushed and her heart feels like it is broken.

Erik: Someone's overreacting.

How will I ever rest this night?


On the ocean...

The mighty Phantom is making great headway as it sails in the silence of the night. Port Kesslar is but few miles from the grasp of the pirates. The closer the ship progresses toward shore the anxiety of the crew bad grammar becomes ever more apparent. Erik is determined to finally end the murmuring OOCness and resolves to approach the situation with yet another powerful speech spork. The masked man begins walking up the staircase towards the helm to tower above the crew.

Erik: How tall am I in this fic?

"Assemble the men, my friend," Captain Sebella orders, as he passes Naider.

"All right all you, scalawags. C'mon! All hands on deck! The Cap'n wants a word wit' all a ya," Naider calls to ungrateful men, incensed that they are speaking against his cohort and trusted friend.

Christine: They are? All we've heard is that they were anxious, and rightly so. Their captain's making them risk their necks on a rescue attempt that has a very slim chance of actually succeeding.

He is their Captain and they treat him like those pirates treated the skinny, scarred cabin boy.

Raoul: No proper ship's captain would let his men ill-treat him.

Erik: Then again, this version of me is hardly a proper captain. If the crew mutinied, I wouldn't blame them.

Christine: Don't get your hopes up. We all know there won't be a mutiny. That might actually be interesting, and would mean that Fic!Erik had made a mistake.

Erik: Of course. How foolish of me.

I'd kill the lot of 'em if he asked me every last one just like the last time.

The dirty pirates fall in line, as they know they ought, still in fear of the masked man's temper. Their masculine captain, instead of their feminine captain, stands on the staircase as the moonlight shines down upon him as if to draw attention to the importance of his next speech.

"Listen all ye pirates. Ye are the finest of men...the strongest crew of any there be in the seven seas. Why 'ould

Christine: What sort of accent omits the first two letters of "should?"

omens and ghosts ravage fear throughout MY crew. I've 'eard murmurs of a woman being on my ship. But 'ave ye not had luck the last time she was aboard? Meg has been a fellow pirate for years and bested the lot of ya.


Have ye not seen our plunder and our fill of riches? The Phantom is above omens and ghosts...this voice...will not convert us...

Raoul: Christine's voice is a missionary?

will not regulate where we sail."

A sigh came across some of the men but then Mr. Starkey spoke up. "Ey, but what of the Port and its law 'gainst ye pirates?

Erik: You say "ye pirates" like you aren't one.

Shan't ye fear them?"

A roar of commotion came across the men. As Will came to the fore, "Ey and who will be the one to get the lest of it?"

Christine: Whatever that is.

Brags spoke up in agreement after his friend, "What if the warning be true...she mentioned ye by name, Cap'n?"

The Captain turns to the men with confidence, "Ey, that she did, Brags. But 'ave ye ever seen, the likes of this Cap'n or his loyal from a fight? No! And better still, we 'ave made a promise to a fellow pirate, to Meg to help rescue Jack Sparrow from an untimely demise."

Pirates were not exactly known for keeping their promises.

"Jack Sparrow, (hmph) when 'as Jack Sparrow ever helped the likes of anyone?" Mr. Starkey mumbles under his breath, causing the ocean blue eyes of Captain Sebella to glow yellow with rage.

Erik: I have mood ring eyes?

Erik quickly turned to walk up face to face with the ungrateful pirate.

Raoul: Ungrateful for what?

Mr. Starkey stood tall, staring him directly in the eye, while the other men around him raised their hands to the level of their eyes in great fear.

Erik: This man obviously has a death wish. It would be a pity not to indulge him.

"NAIDER!" Erik shouts, fiercely without removing his fiery glare from the rude man.

"Ey, Cap'n?" the older man replies, trembling.

"Take Mr. Starkey below! Show him what we do with men who question MY orders."

Christine: Wouldn't it be more effective to punish him right then and there, as a warning to all those who would disobey you?

Captain Sebella's stare was burning into the scalawag as his faithful first mate takes him below.

"AYE, AYE Cap'n," Naider replies almost joyful. "Come along now, Mr. Starkey."

Raoul: Those two sentences should be switched.

"Oh and Naider...make sure he is comfortable!" The captain says with a devilish grin and a voice that makes the pirate very uncomfortable.

Erik: Which pirate?

Once again addressing the crew, he adds. "Now if anyone else would like to join Mr. Starkey...let him shackle himself now.

Christine: That sounds very difficult, if not impossible.

This is the fight we have waited take our enemies threat to their make sure that nothing stands in our show the world that ye be the mightiest men in the sea. To let them know ye will not go down without a fight and will not let anyone threaten what they cannot best. Ey, we are to rescue Jack and some may feel that to be foolish but is he not a pirate like us? Does he not deserve to be along side us?

Raoul: (Crew): If he was stupid enough to get himself, he doesn't.

Ye cannot stand idly by and let them kill any one of us including a scoundrel like Captain Sparrow. Who of ya would not want the Pearl on our flanks?

Erik: (Crew): What makes you so sure she'd be our ally?

And if she be worthy, then so is her captain. Now we 'ave a strong wind and the cover of night. Let all ye pirates put everything ye 'ave into victory."

The men of the Phantom cheer thunderously as the captain ventures down below to take care of certain mouthy pirate. Ordering the men to await his signal fix the sentence fragment before beginning the boarding of the dingy boats to go ashore and start the rescue.

Below deck, Naider has been busy whipping Mr. Starkey whose back is now bleeding.

Raoul: Yes, being whipped tends to do that to one.

Upon releasing him from his bindings the sailor still has some fight in him. As Erik approaches to speak with him of his crimes, the pirate continues taunting the captain and challenging him with words.

Erik: Right after being whipped?

"How can a man whom ye never see his face be captain over us? What is behind the mask he does not wish us to see? 'Let us see what is behind the mask', savvy?"


Christine: Expression-stealing counts.

Erik hears the pain of the echoes to the very words from his past...let us see what is behind the mask...

He grows fiercely angry as the pirate lunges for him. As the mask nudges to the side slightly revealing the scarred face,

Erik: What scars? Even the musical made it clear I was born with this face.

a fright comes across the retched pirate. He backs away in horror as the dark man reaches up to cover his secret.

Raoul: Cover his secret what?

The yellow orbs glow with flames as he reaches for his Punjab Lasso and staring the man directly in the face he begins to choke the life out of him.

Erik: At last! ICness!

As the man struggles for breath, the dark pirates grip grows stronger,

Erik: Wait, I'm strangling him with my hands? Never mind, then.

overpowering the man and pulling him in close as he takes off his mask and states, ""Remember the face behind the mask as you go to Davy Jones' Locker this night."

Mr. Starkey's shocked look as he took his last breath in fear made Erik let out an evil laughter

All: *facepalm*

as the man falls limp. He stands to see Naider's wide-eyed stare. Erik takes a deep breath and orders, "When the rescue is complete, my friend, push this body overboard, lasso and all,

Christine: What kind of author can't remain consistent from one sentence to the next?

Erik: This kind.

so that this new "Admiral" will know that the Phantom still has power in these waters."

Raoul: First of all, that's completely impractical. Second of all, there's no guarantee I'll find Mr. Starkey's body.

"Aye Cap'n. Are we off to save Jack then?" Naider stares at him with concern.

"That we are." Erik turns his head, and sees the concern of his right hand man. "Rest assured. I am fine, my friend, not to worry. Let us go ashore...our Meg is waiting to leave... you know how impatient Jack's wenches usually are."

Naider chuckles slightly and helps his master to his feet. As they go up the stairs to the main deck, the crew has prepared everything to go ashore. The proud captain gives the order, "Join us on shore and in the words of Captain Sparrow...Take what you can, give nothing back."



In a Port Kesslar prison...

Three men sitting on the floor of a damp cell of which two are arguing over the predicament they have found themselves. The now sobered Jack is quite tired of the squabbling by now. He soon realizes that his time is quiet limited, as opposed to being loud limited, for any successful attempt at escaping, and has devised a plan to try to get the keys once again from the mongrel mutt

Paging the Department of Redundancy Department!

that has been given the task of guarding them.

Jack coming to a decision thus shouts: "Will the two of you shut it!" the two men stare at him in amazement. "Listen very carefully… Joseph and Larry. The only way we will find ourselves escaping the noose by daybreak, is for the three of us to devise a plan to escape such fate. AND since the two of you made damn sure that the Admiral now knows of our want to escape, it will now make it that much more difficult to do so, as he has left us but one guard. That being a bloody animal for which there is no coercion possibilities, savvy?"

Christine: (Former guards): Thank you for stating the obvious.

The stocky guard speaks, "Right. First of all, my name is Allen, and this is Bradford. Secondly, you want us to try to persuade an animal to give us the keys so as to get out of this cell?"

Raoul: (Jack): Yes, even though I knew full well it wouldn't work in the movie and only tried it as a last resort.

Bradford protests, "Why should we help you to escape when we will be set free in the morning?"

"Excellent question. However, I do not recall the Admiral saying anything about your imminent release. So, if you won't be having a release in the morning then I should think the gallows be it for you," Jack replies with a huge grin and persuading look.

"He is correct, you know. The Admiral didn't say anything about our release by morning," Allen said, thinking about Jack's statement.

"Yes, he did. He said that we would learn a lesson after a night in prison," Bradford retorts.

"However, he did not say that after said night in prison we would be free to go home to our families, did he now?" Allen rebuts, causing confusion.

"Well, no! But he most certainly could not have meant that he would not allow us to return to our families nor do we deserve to share in the fate of a treasonous pirate," Bradford explains, turning to whole conversation into another argument of which Jack was trying to avoid.

"Ah, well, it would be a shame to put a black mark on your unblemished military record…as it were," Jack says with a devilish grin, moving toward the door.


All of the men taking turns tempting the brown dog to bring the keys to the cell. Jack again takes a bone from off the damp prison floor and holds it out the door.

"Come on, doggy. It's you and ol' Jack. Come on. Come along, you wench. That a good, come on! Bit closer, bit closer. That's it, that's it, my pretty lass," Jack persuades as if the mutt is a woman whose decision could be swayed.

Erik: How does he know the dog is a girl?

The dog just tauntingly walks in the other direction to frustrate the plans of the men. Jack begins pressing his face against the bars making kissing sounds with his lips and whistling for the dog to come closer.

"Come on, luv, ye want to help ol' Jack out of wouldn't want to send me to the gallows. We can both get out of here, ey, what do ye say? Just you and ol' Jack. That's it, luv, come on," Jack says, calling the dog as though he would a wench at Tortuga, his lips puckered as if he were receiving a blissful kiss.

Christine: Does anyone find this amusing? Because I don't.

At which moment, an unknown visitor has been watching from the staircase. In the dark shadows a deep voice chuckles at the sight of the pirate's desperation. The voice echoes and startles the men as a white mask comes out of the shadows. Erik ponders the situation and remarks. "Ah Jack, has it really come to this…on the night of your execution begging for the affections of a bitch."

Jack slightly grins and stands to address his fellow pirate. "You know can't help myself Erik. The wenches just flock to me."

"Quite honestly, I never thought that you would stoop that level but now that I am seeing it with my own eyes. It is quite shameful, wouldn't you agree, Meg?" Erik turns to reveal the maiden standing behind him.

"Jack! Have you lost you senses completely? Have you no confidence in me and in my abilities to rescue you?

Raoul: He never mentioned that.

You still feel that I am a helpless, fragile creature who does…" Jack reaches through the bars of the cell to silence the ranting of the blonde pirate.

Erik: By doing what?

Jack slightly ashamed and wittingly says, "Of course not, luv. But ye know I could no longer wait…it was a long time, given the deficit of rum."

A warm smile comes across Meg's face as the masked pirate opens the cell door. He thwarts the two guards with a glare and closes the door, as Meg jumps into the arms of her lover, Jack. They embrace passionately; commencing a kiss as Erik separates their reunion, stating, "There will be plenty of time for that once we get back to the ship."

The three charge up the stairs to escape the prison below the streets, where the masked pirate cautiously peers out the entrance. A hidden guard jumps out to cross blades with him, but is easily bested. The couple await instructions before proceeding as two more guards come out to welcome Captain Sebella. He slays both with a quick duel and then heads back to the entrance.

Christine: You don't know what "duel" means, do you, author? Just say "he ran them both through" or something.

Slightly out of breath, Erik instructs them, "We have killed or otherwise detained all guards to the north and east.

All: ...Not possible.

If you follow those paths and take Meg with you, we will rendezvous at the Phantom."

As the sound of guns and blades echo in the streets ahead, the blonde wants to escape to the ship as quickly as possible but Jack holds her back by her hand.

"But what of my medallion?" the pirate questions in earnest.

"Jack, no! Let us just get out of here," the maiden protests, tugging upon his arm desperately trying to make him flee.

"We leave with the medallion or we do no leave at all," Jack stubbornly states to the blonde's shock. Explaining further, he pulls her ear close to his lips and whispers. "That little trinket is worth more than my life, Meg. This is our future."

Raoul: The only thing Captain Jack Sparrow values more than his life is his ship.

She turns slightly to see the earnestness of face. He stares into his lover's eyes…those brown eyes turn her heart soft each time for she will do anything to be with him.

POV: *jumps all over the place*

She smiles as Erik speaks up in agreement, "All right Jack, you escort Meg safely back to the ship. I will go to the governor's mansion to retrieve the trinket. Be sure to keep to the code."


She stands to object as Erik gives her a reassuring grin, his gloved hand brushing her blonde hair off cheek. She fears that the masked pirate will fall behind, as did so many others the last time they attempted to liberate the pendant of One-eyed Willie's treasure.
"I order you. Keep to the code."


The masked man vanishes in a flash. As guns are blazing and swords are clanking, the two manage to escape to the beach, hoping to reach the ship quickly, as the scarred pirate cautiously makes his way to the beachfront mansion of Governor Kesslar.


On the beach in front of the Kesslar Mansion...

The full moon is shining bright as Christine walks through the courtyard,

Erik: Then she isn't on the beach, unless the courtyard is on the beach. And shouldn't she be in bed by now?

thinking about the argument that occurred earlier in the day, concerning Raoul and the decisions that are impeding their future relationship together. In actuality, Christine does like the Admiral,

All: Canon? In a badfic? *are shocked*

but she can't imagine herself with such a foppish character as a husband.

Christine: That's quite true. It's good I didn't marry a fop, then.

The way she imagines her life will be with the Vicomte is domestic, dull, and full of parties that would cause her to wear a mask, in order to hide her true emotions.

SYMBOLISM! ...Or something.

Do I have any choice?

Small hums come from her mouth as she begins trying to sing her mother's voice out of her head, reaching rather high notes that echo in the courtyard. Alana's stern nature commands that Christine listen as the words echo in her head…

All: ...what?

I forbid you to keep dreaming of this pirate and a romance that will never come to the fore…
It will be good match with the Vicomte and security for you…
The appropriate decision will be made for you…
It will be good for all of us an security for you…
The young girl's conscience chimes in … Do you have any choice? Shaking her head in disbelief, she answers the voices as her notes turn into lyrics…

Raoul: Because what bad Phantom fic would be complete without bastardized song lyrics?

"I know I can't refuse

and yet, I wish I could . . .

Oh God - if I agree,

what future waits for me

in this, Raoul's proposal . . .?"

She quickly became aggravated with herself and the way she is feeling…trapped and helpless. In order to escape her fears, she ran to a place that has always made her feel free and safe…the ocean.

Erik: On her own, at night, and while pirates are attacking the town? I don't think so.

As she reaches sight of the cool, clean water, she slows to a walk. Descending down to the access path to the Caribbean beach, a soft song of remembrance flows from her mouth.

Father once spoke of the Phantom…

I used to dream he'd appear

Now as I sing…

I can sense him…

And I know he's here…

Here by the sea,

I can sense him…

Somewhere around…


Somehow I know he always hears me…

He the great masked pirate

Christine you must have been dreaming…

Stories like this can't come true

Christine, you're talking in riddles…

And it's not like you.

You need to stop this madness…

All: Yes, you do!

The sound of Christine's conscience began to sing along with her,

Christine: No, that's just the sound of Fic!Me going mad.

causing the girl to sit down on the stairs

What stairs?

and place her hands upon the temples of her forehead, the small signs of a headache coming.

The golden pendant slips out from her nightgown, softly tapping against her forearms. The brunette looks at it and softly smiles, running her fingertips across its bumpy surface. She remembers the stories of the legendary tales her father used to bestow upon her of Captain Erik Sebella…

Wandering child ...

So lost ... so helpless ...

yearning for my guidance...

The masked pirate couldn't help himself as he began to sing,

Raoul: Where did he come from?

the voice of the brunette angel before him captivating him entirely. He has never heard a voice so pure, so innocent, and yet so…alluring. The girl startles, and raises up, trembling softly with fear.

"Who is there? Father? Is this one of your tricks again?" she says, placing her hands against her hips in slight aggravation.

Refusing to admit defeat, Erik quickly thought of a way to keep the maiden singing…

Have you forgotten your tales?

Christine is puzzled for a moment. Could this be the voice of the Captain she secretly admires from afar? She turns to the singing voice, and began to sing softly back.

Twisted every way,

What answer can I give?

Am I to tell you the answer of what you ask?

For I know not the man behind the mask…

Wildly my mind beats against him…

Yet my soul obeys…

And that's it for the lyrics. How about we take a break and listen to the canon songs?

Notes/Twisted Every Way

Angel of Music

Wandering Child

Erik smiles as she sings back to him, fully knowing of whom she spoke of. Suddenly, he saw Jack carrying Meg over his shoulder

Erik: Can't she walk?

towards the longboat that would take them back to the ship, where the masked man knew there would be quite a bit of shagging on the voyage home.

I'm getting very tired of this modern language.

He rolls his eyes as they passed, and then remembers the reason for his visit to Governor Kessler's home. It is then that he notices the pendant upon the girl's chest, a devilish grin coming to his face, as he knew the proper way to take something he needs from a lady…

"Don't move," Erik ordered. "Don't make a sound. Do exactly as I say, and you won't get hurt."

The girl's mouth closed, and she stood still. Erik smirked. He stepped out in front of her, aiming his pistol at her heart. The girl's eyes widened at the sight of him, but she didn't scream or try to run.

"Good girl," Erik said softly. "Miss Kesslar, I presume?"

She was trembling all over, but nodded.

Erik walked toward Miss Kesslar, stopping only when he was close enough to reach out and touch her. "That's a lovely little trinket you're wearing, Miss Kesslar." He held out his hand. "Hand it over."

Miss Kesslar shook her head.

"Hand it over," Erik repeated, "and I'll leave you precisely as I found you."

With shaking hands, Miss Kesslar unhooked One-eyed Willie's pendant from around her neck and dropped it into his palm. Erik tucked the pendant into his pocket, then took her hand, raised it to his lips, and kissed it, as a gentleman might. "Thank you very much, Miss Kesslar, and good evening."

Erik backed away from Miss Kesslar, never lowering the pistol, then turned and made his escape.

~End Spitefic~

Not the best, but better than what we're about to see.

He walks out from his hiding place, the moonlight glowing from his milky white mask, causing Christine to gasp softly in shock. He is realHe is here

The shock upon her face is hard to miss as he walks swiftly to her side, a small smirk still upon his soft lips. The young girl is amazed by the way his ocean blue eyes gaze upon her, as though she were the only thing that exists. His gloved hand is extended to her, and she gently places hers in his, curiosity taking over reason.

Christine: *facepalm* This version of me has no self-preservation instinct whatsoever.

Slowly, the pirate places his other hand upon her lower waist, pulling her closer, his smirk becoming larger.

His captivating blue eyes still draw her in as his deep voice completes the trance. "Your voice is completely perfect. You only have one flaw…" he says, beginning a slow dance with her.

"Wh…what's…that…monsieur?" she breathes, unsure of what was happening.

"You lack passion…

Erik: Is this Christine or Carlotta?

you must feel what you're singing…as though nothing else matters or exists…" he whispers back, slowly swaying the girl in time with the music that played inside his head.

The girl closes her eyes, and leans into his embrace, feeling safe with the man she barely knew, but longed to learn more about…this mystery of the infamous pirate.

Raoul: "Feeling safe" and "pirate" do not belong in the same sentence.

Erik sees his window of opportunity and gently places his cool gloved hand upon her soft delicate chin, and lifts it towards his, pressing his mouth slowly to her own, gently nibbling her lower lip. Christine is completely caught unaware, and is shocked by his forwardness…however, she feels herself falling into sweet bliss as he presses further.

Christine: ...I can't think of anything to say to that.

Erik: Neither can I.

Raoul: *speechless*

The sound of a warning bell ringing from the town square followed by footsteps approaching pulls the two from their embrace. Christine trembles for she knows for whom the bell tolls. The bell?

While her attention is elsewhere, Erik slips the necklace from her neck. "Sorry luv.


It seems that our little rendezvous is going to be cut short. Don't mind if I…borrow this do you?"

As ten guards near, Erik looks at her, remorse coming over his face. He quickly activates one of his magic tricks, a puff of smoke and flame taking over his place as he makes his way to the sea…

When the smoke vanishes, Christine is left alone…with the guards insuring that no harm came to her. The guard's voices fade into the background as she turns and walks up the stairs. To her amazement…upon the stairs lay … a braided black leather strap with a small skull pendant hanging from it…a white mask covering the right side.

That sounds horribly tacky.

She gathers it into her hand and then turns as the mighty Phantom sails away into the blackness of night…

Erik: (Ellipses): *scream in agony*



Thank you so much for reading! I want all of you to give my beta some props in your review comments for without her the E/C scene would have been less...fluffy!

Props not given.

It made me nervous at first to have them kiss however I figured...FIRST, it was not a true, passionate kiss

Christine: It wasn't?

and SECOND, he is a pirate and used to swooning women so we went with it.

Erik: Swooning in terror as I robbed them of all their valuables, hopefully.

I don't know. There are an awful lot of pirate-themed romance novels out there.

Erik: *facepalm*

Hey, at least her first kiss was not with the bloody FOP!

Raoul: *buries face in hands*

Christine: *puts arm around his shoulders*

THANK YOU Canangelscry!!!

Skoteinos Metamfiezomai: (Dark Mask) You are too too kind to keep checking my grammar for me. I appreciate all of your help!! As you can see Jack and Meg are together. Naider drugging Erik I had too...and Meg is a lost girl not sure who to love or turn to, secretly afraid of losing everyone in her life.

Christine: I'd rather read that story than this one.

I hope your lasso is in a safe place...awaiting another long wait to strangle me...LOL! What did you think of the murder of Mr. Starkey...the Phantom's calling card!

angelofmusicox: I hope you enjoyed this chapter...I know I did! I love writing Jack! I was not as happy with him this time...however he had a small part and you will see how he was not exactly in "usual" Jack fashion as the story goes on.

Erik: We noticed.

Incidentally, this happens before "the curse of the black pearl" Jack is still a young pirate!

jtbwriter: Sorry for whiny Meg...I felt as if her being so young and her mother being dead may cause her to be a bit selfish with others affections. Notice though that she only whines in secret and under Naider's drug I might add. I like the fire in Christine as well, I thought that it may be the influence of Alana.

Rikku Ree: I have never played Monkey Island 2. That is funny that it reminds you of something. Oh and thank you for the "governess" tip. I will be more careful in the future.

It took someone this long to tell her that?

Ladyphan17: Thank you so much for joining our little voyage here. Yes I am enjoying writing this story a great deal. However, you do not realize how hard it is to write a period piece when you have not been around to know the lingo.

Raoul: *muffled* That's what research is for.

I will be sure to pick a more modern setting next time. Although I am very happy that I decided to go with it.

Jane Doe, Pastheart and Superphan: Thanks for reading and reviewing.

And that's it. Signing off now, as it's getting late and Raoul needs time to cheer up.

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Date: 2017-06-04 02:47 am (UTC)
igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
From: [personal profile] igenlode
The author thinks a murder puts her story into a "so special it's for adults only" rating? Has she read any of the Grimms' Fairy Tales recently?

She leaps to her bed and grabs the nearest thing, which happens to be a book and begins reading it.

And if the 'nearest thing' lying on her bed had *not* happened to be a book, what would her excuse have been? "I'm dreadfully sorry, Mother, this stocking was just so delightful that I couldn't answer the door?" :-P

She places it on the table, pretending to be finished, fumbling slightly with the blankets.

She has blankets on the table..?

I would like to know what your intentions are with the Vicomte.

"Enough of this dallying, girl -- I want to know whether you are prepared to make an honest man out of him, or are merely trifling with his reputation." :-P

No pirate will ever have enough love in his black heart or enough gold on his ship to claim the heart of my daughter.

When did anyone mention pirates?

I fancy a different way of life.

That's probably because you haven't tried it...

Why is that incorrect thinking?

Who mentioned incorrect thinking?

The appropriate decision will be made for you if you resist.

You know, even in the seventeenth century a forced marriage was invalid. You could lock your daughter in her bedroom or beat her until she was prepared to do anything to get out of your house, but when she got to the altar she had to stand up and say yes, and if she chose not to then the clergyman couldn't legally go ahead. The Christine in this scene appears to be perfectly capable of refusing consent at her own wedding...

I'd kill the lot of 'em if he asked me every last one just like the last time.

Erik asked his friend to kill off his entire ship's crew... and he did? Talk about OOC!
(Also, why didn't Erik just murder everyone himself? That's his speciality, after all, not delegating the business to other people :-p)

but what of the Port and its law 'gainst ye pirates?

Um, you're pirates -- piracy is by definition illegal everywhere. Breaking the law is rather the point...

when 'as Jack Sparrow ever helped the likes of anyone?

I notice that for all his bluster, Erik totally dodges actually answering this question. From which I take it that we can deduce that he hasn't got any answer, and it's a totally valid objection :-p

the boarding of the dingy boats

Given the level of spelling and nautical knowledge in this fic, I actually assumed she meant 'dinghy boats'! But apparently she really does mean that they're dirty.

Below deck, Naider has been busy whipping Mr. Starkey whose back is now bleeding.

Raoul: Yes, being whipped tends to do that to one.

I think that is a pretty fair example of the term 'bathos' :-D

First of all, that's completely impractical. Second of all, there's no guarantee I'll find Mr. Starkey's body.

Thirdly, wouldn't it work just as well to push the body overboard right now, instead of having it lying around getting in the way until after the attack?

Erik: How does he know the dog is a girl?

The dog just tauntingly walks in the other direction

Presumably that's how :-P

Father? Is this one of your tricks again?

Her father is the Governor, yes? Since when have we seen him telling tales romanticising pirates, or for that matter staging any kinds of practical jokes on his daughter? Isn't he supposed to be some kind of oppressive, overbearing monster -- or is that just her mother?

fully knowing of whom she spoke of

The author got so excited about her 'whom', she didn't actually realise she'd put in the 'of' twice.

the masked man knew there would be quite a bit of shagging on the voyage home.

So... just how are they going to get 'home' then? Obviously neither of them is going to be doing any actual rowing while they're engaged in other activity...

The girl closes her eyes, and leans into his embrace, feeling safe with the man she barely knew, but longed to learn more about

Tense whiplash alert! (And not for the first or last time, either.)

Christine trembles for she knows for whom the bell tolls.

Whom does it toll for, then? We don't seem to get told at any point here ;-p

You are too too kind to keep checking my grammar for me.

Ah, that accounts for the grammar mistakes, then ;-p

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Date: 2017-06-05 12:15 am (UTC)
igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
From: [personal profile] igenlode
It's the author who was committing bathos, with the statement "Naider has been busy whipping Mr. Starkey whose back is now bleeding" -- what one might call "the bleedin' obvious" :-P

You were merely pointing it out!

(Also, calling the victim "Mr. Starkey" and the flogger simply "Naider" would normally suggest that Starkey is of considerably higher rank, which I don't think was the intention! But then I suspect the author doesn't know any more about ranks and titles, on board ship or off it, than about any other aspect of nautical practice...)

Starkey is one of the pirates in "Peter Pan", isn't he? I'm pretty sure just about every crew member mentioned here is a reference to some other fictional pirate.

I actually assumed the 'spitefic' (a term I haven't encountered before; it sounds rather nasty) was the original continuation of the story by the author, as it's pretty much pure cliché -- deliberately so, I take it.
But then when we get to what the author actually *did* write... well, no self-respecting cliché would dream of perpetuating that. It's far too incoherent :-p
(And that's her idea of the 'proper' way to take something he needs -- start biting the lady's lips?)

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Date: 2017-06-08 02:19 am (UTC)
igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
From: [personal profile] igenlode

If something is a cliché, that doesn't mean that it's badly written -- it means that it meets the stereotype of 'most likely to happen'. (Literally, a cliché is a typesetting term referring to a phrase used frequently enough to be worth keeping permanently set up in a little frame that you can insert as necessary!)

So what you wrote was the standard pirate-novel tactics for stealing jewellery from a pretty girl, as opposed to the author's actual very odd version ;-p

Canon Erik would have strangled her and stolen   the pendant off her body.

I don't think he would; he's not a murderous thug or a highway robber. In canon he blackmails people for what he wants and steals it through sleight of hand -- he doesn't murder for monetary gain. I'm not sure he has any particular scruples about killing people, but it doesn't seem to be his normal modus operandi. Canon Erik, of course, would never have been a pirate captain in the first place, which makes the scenario rather hard to visualise ;-p He might have chloroformed or hypnotised her and simply taken the pendant, or tricked her by substituting it with a valueless replica at some point. He might have persuaded her into giving it to him by claiming to have supernatural powers over it :-P

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