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Good grief, that's a long title.

In honor of PotC 5 (which I still haven't seen yet), I'm sporking this fic. Or rather, I'm making my OCs Aria and Naomi spork this fic.

Hey, ladies. Remember Gethsemane Butler?
Aria: I try not to. What about her?
Her stories are long gone off of, but her profile's still there...and with it, her favorites list.
Naomi: Oh, boy.
Most of them are from fandoms I don't know, but there were two PotC fics and one Phantom fic. This was the shortest of the three. The Sue is fairly inoffensive, but the prose and grammar suck. Shall we?
Aria: You say that like we have a choice.
Naomi: *elbows Aria* Sure!


Pirates of the Caribbean: Moonlight's Curse
By: ArianaielNightstar
COMPLETED. In this first installment of a series of 3, follow Hope Danforth, daughter of Port Royal's minister, on a journey that takes her to a future she never expected would happen. This is where the legacy of Hope Danforth began.

Aria: I hate it when fanfiction writers hype up their OCs like that. Stories should speak for themselves.
Naomi: At least the name's historically accurate. That's more than I can say for some fics.
Aria: And that sentence would look better with "legend" instead of "legacy."
Naomi: Don't encourage her.
Aria: The author or the Sue?
Naomi: Both.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything POTC related except for my own characters.

Aria: Implying your own characters are related to PotC...?

NOTE: Like I said in the notes from my story: POTC Book 3: The Sparrow's Quest. I have overhauled all the chapters from POTC Book 1(added several new scenes and a new chapter! YAY!!!) If you want, it is recommended to read the two sequels: The Dragon's Eye and The Sparrow's Quest. I hope you enjoy!!! PLEASE REVIEW

Book 1: Pirates of the Caribbean: Moonlight's Curse

Naomi: Don't call your fics books.


Prologue and Arrival of Governor Swann

The full moon cast its glow over the town of Port Royal. All the inhabitants had gone to bed for the night, thus filling the town with silence. The town was calm as a scream broke the silence.

Aria: The dying scream of a Sue, perhaps?
Naomi: I wish.

"You're doing beautifully, Miss Danforth, but I need you to breathe," the midwife instructed a young woman in her early 30s. "Very good, Isabelle. Now I need you to push."

Naomi: Why is she "Miss Danforth" in one line and "Isabelle" in the next?
Aria: *reads ahead* She's married--that should be "Mrs. Danforth."

Isabelle did as told. "I can see the head. Come on now, Isabelle."

Aria: I see the Suethor hasn't learned basic dialogue rules. Rule one: Change paragraphs when a new speaker begins. Rule two: Pair a character's actions with their dialogue.

After a few more pushes the baby was born. "Congratulations, you have another beautiful baby girl," the midwife said smiling. After cleaning the baby off she was handed to Isabelle.

Naomi: Who was handed to Isabelle?

"She's so beautiful," Isabelle said. Reverend Charles Danforth stood over his wife with a smile but also in sadness, smiling sadly. "My beautiful baby girl, it's a shame I will never see you grow up."

"Miss, I do not understand," the midwife asked in confusion.

Aria: She asked? I couldn't tell, since there was no question mark.

"Victoria, what I am going to ask you is something you will be against.

Naomi: I can see why Gethsemane likes this story. Wasn't one of her Sues named Victoria?
Aria: Her Sweeney Todd Sue, yeah. And the name Victoria wasn't popular among English speakers until the 19th century, so strike one against the Suethor.

But you must comply with our wishes if our new daughter is to live a normal life." Victoria was hesitant for a few moments before she nodded in agreement.

"In a few days you must tell all who ask that Isabelle died from complications in childbirth." Reverend Danforth said.

Naomi: Why?
Aria: So the Sue can angst, of course! Why else?

"What? I can't do that Reverend I'm sorry. It would be against everything I am and believe in."

"Victoria, please. I want my daughter to grow up without questions to her lineage."

Naomi: Hang on. Hope is the Danforths' younger daughter. Why does this apply to their second child, but not their first?
Aria: Because Hope's the main Sue.

"But why?"

"Because of who she really is." Victoria was silent as she bowed her head.

Aria: Typical.
Naomi: So letting Hope know her true identity is somehow worse than letting her believe her mother is dead? I don't think so!

Two days later a small boat sailed out of Port Royal with one occupant into the blackness of the night.

Naomi: Again, if Isabelle wanted to take off, why didn't she do it earlier?

13 years later

"Hope? Are you awake?" A thirteen year old Hope Danforth slowly opened her eyes and rolled over onto her back just as her door opened and her father and a couple maids entered.

Aria: Maids? Did ministers back then make enough money to have maids?

"Hope! For heavens sake! It's close to midday. The new governor will be arriving soon. We must get you ready." One of the maids went over and opened her window curtains and the bright rays of the sun filtered into the room. Hope covered her eyes to shield the bright light.

"Father, I hardly believe my presence is needed. What can a mere girl as I hope to bring to the Governor's arrival?"

Naomi: What thirteen-year-old talks like this?

"It would show respect to him. I hear he has a daughter around your age that is coming over with him."

"Really?" Hope said.

Aria: Asked. Not said, asked.

"Indeed. Now we haven't got much time. We must get you ready." Danforth said as he lifted the cover of the box the second maid was holding and pulled out a light blue dress with white lace.

"Oh, father. It's beautiful!" Hope said hopping off her bed and running to him. "Thank you, thank you!" she said hugging him before he handed her the dress.

Aria: Ripping off Elizabeth already, are we?

"You're very welcome, my dear. Now go get ready we will leave shortly." Danforth said as he left the room. Several minutes later Hope walked down the stairs slowly and was greeted by her father and older sister who were waiting at the foot of the stairs.

Naomi: It must not have taken her very long to get dressed.

"Hope, you look divine. This will certainly turn the heads of several young lads today." Catherine said smiling.

"Lads? Yuck!"

"Your sister is right, Hope. You are at the age now when young suitors will be courting you." Danforth added. Hope made a face but stayed silent.

Naomi: She's thirteen! Isn't that a little young?
Aria: *Googles* From what I can tell, the minimum age for brides in the early 18th century was twelve, but most women waited until they were a little older than that.
Naomi: I should hope so. *shudders*

The whole town had turned up on the dock for the arrival of the new governor of Port Royal, Governor Weatherby Swann and his 12 year old daughter, Elizabeth. As the ship sailed into port the ramp was pulled out and a few members of the crew ran down it carrying a young boy.
"We need a doctor." One of them shouted.

Naomi: Wouldn't there already be a doctor on the ship?

The two crew members were met by the midwife Victoria, as the three headed back into town. A few moments later a man with a brown wig, stately hat, and a red, gold embroidered overcoat and inner coat appeared at the top of the ramp followed by a girl in a blue dress, her hair in bun on top and remaining ends curled. Valveless trumpets heralded his descent to shore.

Naomi: Does it really matter what kind of trumpets they were? No. Detail is good, but don't overdo it.

After greeting a few of the more upstanding nobles the Governor stopped in front of Reverend Danforth.

"Charles Danforth, it's wonderful to see you again old friend," Governor Swann greeted.

Aria: Shouldn't he address him as Reverend Charles Danforth?

"Governor Swann, it has been too long," Danforth said shaking his hand.

[snip; Governor Swann introduces Elizabeth, Reverend Danforth introduces Catherine and Hope]

"It's wonderful to meet you Governor, and you Miss Swann." Elizabeth nodded and looked at Hope.

Naomi: (Elizabeth): *thinking* Another Sue! Where's my spork?

"Hello," Hope said smiling.

"Hello," Elizabeth repeated smiling back.

"Governor Swann," Hope acknowledged.

"Miss Danforth, young Miss Danforth." Swann said bowing before he moved on. Governor Swann was replaced by the captain and Lieutenant Norrington.

"Ah, Reverend." The captain said shaking his hand.

"Captain. Wonderful to see you again." The captain nodded before turning to Norrington. "Reverend Danforth, girls. Allow me to introduce my second, Lieutenant Norrington." Catherine and Norrington stared at each other star struck.

Aria: That was quick.

"Lieutenant Norrington. My name is Catherine Danforth."

"It's a pleasure, Miss Danforth," Norrington said kissing her hand. Reverend Danforth smiled proudly at the two. Hope looked at her sister and shook her head.

"Lieutenant Norrington, Captain, this is my youngest daughter Hope."

"Wonderful to meet you young Hope," The captain said and Norrington bowed his head at her.

"Miss Hope," he said before looking back at Catherine then heading on his way. When he was out of ear shot Reverend Danforth whispered to her.

"That is a fine young man, there."

"Yes. He is." Hope watched the display between her father and sister. Her mind wandered to the boy they had rushed away.

Naomi: *yawns*

"Who was he? Where did he come from? He certainly didn't dress like the other occupants on the ship," Hope said to herself before she looked at the end of the ramp and saw several young lads standing there, no doubt they were midshipmen. They were all staring at her, smiling, and bowing at her.

Aria: Because everyone must pay attention to the Sue at all times.

She only smiled and bowed back. Suddenly one walked over to her. He was handsome in her mind.

Naomi: But he was ugly everywhere else.

Reverend Danforth and Catherine looked on.

"I could not help noticing you from over there. I'm Midshipman Gillette," he said bowing.

Naomi: And he wanders over to talk to this random girl...why?

Hope smiled and laughed.

"Do you have a first name Mr. Gillette?" He blushed at this comment.

"I must apologize. My full name is Edward Gillette."

"Hope Danforth." Gillette lifted her hand and kissed it.

"It's a pleasure, Miss Danforth. I'm certain will be seeing more of each other."

Aria: How do you know? You've only just met her.

"I'm sure of it. Good day to you, Mr. Gillette," Hope said smiling and bowing to him. Gillette smiled back, still blushing and walked back over to the others. Catherine took the opportunity and nudged her sister. "What was that for?"

"I can tell you are going to popular with the young men. As you get older you will be a heartbreaker." Hope laughed.

Naomi: *Googles* The first known use of "heartbreaker" was in 1837. Strike two against the Suethor.

"And you called young lads, disgusting." Reverend Danforth said to Hope.

Aria: Did he just call her disgusting?

"Maybe I spoke to soon. He's the first boy to actually talk to me like that."

"I can organize an arranged marriage between the both of you when you're older."

Aria: That's rushing it a little, don't you think?

"Father. There is no need for that." Hope said. Her father nodded as they watched the Governor make his rounds.

Naomi: Wait, that's it? Weird way to end a chapter.

NOTE: Well? Do you like?

Both: No.


Both: Yes.

Better than original?

Naomi: How should I know? I haven't read the original version of this fic.

Please R & R


Next Chapter: A Life Started & A Future Ended

Aria: How do you end a future?
Naomi: Wait, the lights aren't coming back on. Does this mean we have to do another chapter?
Aria: I guess.

Warning: This chapter contains a death.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything POTC related.
NOTE: Second overhauled chapter! Yay!


A Life Started and a Future Ended

Hope slowly walked through the streets of Port Royal enjoying the breezy summer day. She didn't know what it was she liked so much about the Caribbean. Perhaps it was the salty, sea air that welcomed her every morning or just the atmosphere. She heard what it was like living in England and being surrounded by several buildings and avoiding horse drawn carriages and large groups of people from Elizabeth and Edward.

Aria: Because Port Royal doesn't have buildings, horse-drawn carriages, or large groups of people...except that it did in the movie.

The only place she had really ever known was Port Royal. When her father traveled to other towns she was never allowed to go with him. She wondered if that was the reason she was so fascinated with pirates.

Naomi: She is?

They were free to do what their hearts, even if blackened, desired. They saw the world and she wanted that as well. Though she loved Port Royal she wanted nothing more than to get out and have just one adventure, or at least visit a neighboring town. Her father always questioned her wanting to be adventuresome and she never really could answer that question.

Aria: I can. It's because she's trying to copy Elizabeth.

Walking up the stairs and into her home she immediately caught sight of Lieutenant Norrington.

"Lieutenant Norrington," she said simply with confusion.
"Good day, Miss Danforth."
"To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" Hope asked removing her bonnet and giving it too one of the maids.
"I have actually come to speak with your father." Hope smiled wide knowing his reason.

"So you have finally found the courage to ask my father for permission to marry, Catherine." He smiled and looked down.

Naomi: That's none of your business. And did she just call him Catherine?

"Indeed. She is fine woman," he said returning his gaze to her.

"Yes she is. She's very caring of others and has been a surrogate mother to me since our mother died giving birth to me. She will make an excellent mother one day." Hope said as she started towards the staircase. "She loves you. More than you probably know. You will make her a wonderful husband, James." Norrington was about to say something when the butler came from Reverend Danforth's study.

Aria: Show, don't tell, Suethor.

"You may go in now, sir."
"Thank you."

"Good day to you, Lieutenant Norrington. I wish you luck with my father, though I doubt you will need it. He has admired you since the day you both met." Norrington smiled and nodded.

Naomi: But didn't bother to thank her.

"Good day, Miss Danforth," Norrinton said as he headed toward the study but not before turning back towards Hope as she reached the upper landing.
"Miss Danforth!" Hope stopped and looked down to him.

"You honor me with your blessing, Hope." She bowed her head before she walked to her room. Norrington watched her leave before he continued on into the study.

Aria: Because everyone must focus on the Sue, even when they should have other things on their minds.

As Hope walked past Catherine's room she knocked.

"Enter," a muffled reply came from within. When Hope entered she saw Catherine sitting at her desk reading. "Hope. Come in."
"You will never believe who is here," Hope said sitting on the bed.
"And who would that be?"

"Lieutenant Norrington." Catherine's head shot to her as she jumped up.

Naomi: (Hope): *catches Catherine's head*

"Why did no one come and tell me," she said going to the mirror, fixing her hair, and heading to the door.

Aria: Your sister just came and told you.

Hope stopped her before she got too far.

"He came to speak with father," Hope said giving her sister a look. Catherine instantly realized it and her eyes brightened.
"Are you serious?" Hope nodded and smiled. Catherine laughed and hugged her.
"Can you believe it? I will be Mrs. James Norrington."

"Yes. I can't believe it has been one year already."

Naomi: Since what?


Aria: Most people use these things called scene breaks, you know.

After Reverend Danforth finished his business with Lieutenant Norrington he walked upstairs to tell his daughters he would be leaving for a week. Once upstairs he heard laughter coming from Catherine's room and smiled before knocking.

"My dears, may I enter?" he asked.
"Yes, father," Catherine said.
"I just wanted to let you both know that I will be going to Port de Poix for about week. It may be less and it may be more. The minister there is a close friend of mine and he is gravely ill. His family wishes me to be there in case the worst should happen. Will you be all right here by yourselves?"

"We will be fine, father. If anything goes wrong we can go to the, governor."

Naomi: Go to the what? And why did she just call her father "governor?"

"Very well. I will be leaving tomorrow morning." The girls nodded. Danforth headed back out of the room but not before turning back towards them. "Before I forget, Catherine. Lieutenant Norrington has asked me permission to marry you and I have agreed.

Aria: Shouldn't he have told Catherine that before telling her and Hope about the trip?

He says he will return tomorrow night and ask you properly." Catherine smiled big.

"Yes, father." He then turned on his heels and exited. As he closed the door he heard the girls laughing once again.

The town of Port Royal was set ablaze as blasts from cannons echoed through the streets combined with the screams of the terrified citizens.

Aria: Wait, what? When did this happen?
Naomi: And mood whiplash ahoy!

Hope stood motionless on the balcony of her room, and watched in no apparent fear as a ship fired its cannons at Port Royal. Though it was night she could see that the ship was unique. As the several blasts lit up the night sky she caught sight of red sails.

"What kind of ship has red sails?"

Naomi: The kind that's a Black Pearl ripoff.

Just as she spoke one of the maids ran into her room.

"Miss Danforth. Please, come quickly. We must hide you. Pirates are attacking the town."

Naomi: Wait. Pirates are attacking Port Royal?
Aria: That's what the maid just said.
Naomi: So Elizabeth meeting Jack, in this fic, would not be her first time encountering a real pirate.
Aria: ...You're right. Way to miss one of the major points of Elizabeth's character, Suethor!

She said pulling Hope away from the window. The two of them along with several other servants ran down the stairs and into the front hall just as the door swung open and Lieutenant Norrington came in carrying Catherine. Hope saw that his entire uniform was soaked with blood and his hat was gone. She thought it was his own blood until he yelled out, "She's been shot."

Aria: His entire uniform? From a single bullet wound?
Naomi: If it hit something vital, there would probably be a lot of blood, but not that much.

A few of the maids ran over and led him into the parlor where they laid Catherine on the settee. Hope edged slowly towards the parlor, fear and confusion etched on her features. She stood in the doorway staring.

Naomi: Is she in shock or just being useless?

"Someone get the doctor," one of the maids screamed as they began taking her clothes off so they could cleanse the wound.
"He's dead. That was the first place I went," Norrington informed them. The servants helping looked at him in disbelief.
"What about the midwife, she may not be a medical doctor but she is the only chance we have."

"Go," the butler spoke as the two maids rushed out the door. The butler looked up and saw Hope standing in the doorway. "Miss Hope, we could use your help." Hope broke out of her trance and ran to the settee. "I need you to comfort her, Lieutenant apply pressure to her wound I will be right back." As the butler ran into the kitchen a cannon ball shot through the window and threw him through the kitchen doors. Hope screamed out in horror and started shake in fear. Norrington placed his hand on her shoulder and tried to calm her down.

Aria: *yawns* This bland prose is killing whatever tension this scene might have.

"Hope, I know this is difficult, but I need you to help." After a moment she regained composure and turned her attention towards her sister but not before realizing they were completely alone. The only sounds she could hear were the blasts from the cannons. Most of the servants had fled the house in fear. They shared a gaze before Norrington continued to clean the wound as best he could.

Naomi: Who shared a gaze?

"Catherine. You have to hold on help is coming, you just have stay with us." Norrington said to her. Shortly after Catherine opened her eyes.
"James?" Norrington got up from his knees and leaned over her.
"I'm here. I'm right here," he said squeezing her hand and touching her cheek.
"Right here," Hope said coming around and facing her.
"I love you both so very much. Do not forget that. Tell father that as well."
"I will, I promise." Hope said tears filling her eyes. After a few moments of silence Catherine spoke, her voice breaking as she did.
"I don't want to leave you like this, Hope,"
"Then don't. You just have too hold on a little while longer, help is coming."

"I cannot."

Aria: Why do supposedly dying people always have time to make long, heartfelt speeches in badfic?

"Please, Catherine. Don't leave me, I still need you, James needs you, father needs you, we all need you." Catherine was silent for a moment before she looked back at Hope.

"You remember our song." Hope nodded slowly.

Naomi: What song?

"I want you to remember that. Whenever you need me just sing that song and I will be right beside you even though you won't see me. That's all you need to do," Catherine reached over and wiped the tears away from Hope's face.
"James, I want you to promise me something."
"Anything," he said, his voice breaking.
"Watch over, Hope. Protect her and keep her safe. Promise me you will do this. Promise me."
"No. I will not promise…" Catherine was about to say something when he cut her off.

"I will not promise. I will swear. On my oath, I swear on my life, I will protect and keep her safe," Norrington said sincerely. Catherine smiled. "I swear to you," he said as he leaned down and kissed her. "I love you." Catherine looked at Hope and smiled. "Sing to me."

Aria: I'm going to start choking on sap if this keeps up.

"Hark, a solemn bell is ringing, clear through the night. Thou, my love, art heavenward winging, home through the night. Earthly dust from off thee shaken. Soul immortal shalt thou awaken. With thy last dim journey taken, home through the night." As Hope finished Catherine closed her eyes and fell limp.

Naomi: I hate Sues that sing.

"Catherine?!" Hope said picking up her sister. "Catherine, please. Please don't leave me." When no movement was received Hope burst into tears and cradled her sister. Norrington fell back on his knees and lowered his head. A few moments later the two maids burst through the door with Victoria, the midwife. They stopped at the sight before them. Hope raised her head which was now tear streaked, red, and held a hint of anger.

Aria: Correct comma usage! *claps*
Naomi: She forgot a hyphen, though...wait, her head was tear-streaked and red?

"You're too late. She's dead." With that she re-lowered her head. Knowing that there was nothing more he could do for Catherine he could do one thing. With that thought he reached over and embraced the sobbing fourteen year old.

"It's all right, Hope. We'll be okay."

Naomi: Strangely enough, I'm not feeling sorry for either Hope or Norrington here.
Aria: Neither am I. We haven't had time to get attached to this character, so we don't care when she's killed off.


A few days later Reverend Danforth returned after finding out the death of eldest daughter. Those present at the funeral included Governor Swann, Elizabeth, Norrington, Gillette, Hope, and a few other officers and townspeople.

Naomi: And we care why?

Hope stared at the coffin in a blank stare. On her left Elizabeth stood providing as much comfort as she could by holding Hope's hand. On her right stood Midshipman Edward Gillette with a comforting arm around her waist.

Aria: Uh, did 18th-century men do that with women they weren't married or engaged to?

Both of them had been friends since the day they met and she had to confess she did enjoy his company. Hope took her gaze from the coffin and looked to her right at Lieutenant Norrington who stood stiff with a solemn expression. She felt sorry for him. She lost her sister but he lost the woman he loved, the woman he was to marry. She couldn't even imagine what that felt like.

"In your name, Amen," Reverend Danforth finished as he closed his bible. "Rest in peace, my daughter." He then looked over Hope and they made eye contact. She had managed to keep her composure throughout the entire service but in that moment she couldn't hold it in and the tears fell. Without thinking she cried into Gillette's jacket. She knew that wasn't the proper thing to do in public with a gentleman viewed by all as just a friend to her, but she didn't care.

Naomi: It's your sister's funeral. I think they'd cut you some slack.

Gillette was caught a little off guard by this but he kept his arm around her waist and placed his other on her shoulder and comforted her, the best he could. Soon after everyone went their own ways including Reverend Danforth. Elizabeth stayed for awhile until her father placed a hand on her shoulder that told her it was time to go.

Naomi: Who's doing what? I'm confused.

"I'm sorry. If you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me," Elizabeth said hugging Hope.

Aria: At least this Sue doesn't bash Elizabeth.

Hope smiled a little.
"Thank you." Elizabeth nodded and left with her father. After a few moments Gillette turned to her.
"Would you like me to escort you home?" Hope looked at him then over to where Lieutenant Norrington stood alone. He must have felt her gaze on him because he looked over at her. There were no words, just the emotions they projected at the other. Hope then turned to Gillette.

"Yes. I would like that." He offered her his arm as they turned and left. When they reached the end of the cemetery Hope turned back to Norrington. He stood still staring at her coffin, the wind gently ruffling his jacket.

Aria: Shouldn't they have already buried her?

Turning her gaze away they continued towards the Danforth House.

Naomi: Another weird chapter ending.

NOTE: So? What do you think?

Aria: I hate it when Suethors kill off characters just to give their Sues something to angst about.

Better than original? Let me know. PLEASE REVIEW!!!!

Next Chapter: The Art of Love

Naomi: I smell Sue-romance.
Aria: So do I, but that's for next chapter.
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