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So I have an idea for a Harry Potter AU involving Slytherin!Chessmaster!Ron, slightly-unstable-due-to-suppression-of-magic Ariana-esque Harry, Ravenclaw!Hermione, and Manipulative!Dumbledore (though not in the way you'd expect, and no more manipulative than he is in canon, really).

*adds to list of fics I'll probably never write*

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(Pirate AU) Christine is a maid in Comte Philippe de Chagny's household. When his younger brother Raoul convinces her to run away to sea with him, they set sail for adventure. But what happens when Christine and Raoul encounter the dreaded pirate known only as the Phantom?

Now all I need is to write the fic.
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"Hmm ... I wonder if any fanfic communities have tried that: re-imagine Potter based only on the chapter headings."

~Dan H over on Ferretbrain

Tempting. Oh-so-very tempting.

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