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In accordance with this post, I'm classifying Sues I have sporked or am currently sporking.

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From [ profile] marysues:


1) Your own name with a variation
2) Name of a god/goddess or constellation with the same start as your real middle name
3) A blend of your favourite animal and colour
4) Your mother's middle name with an extra 'Y' 'I' or 'E' for good luck. If you don't know, or she doesn't have one, just make something up.
5) Any random plant
6) A romantic-sounding name
7) Your dad's middle name with extra Y's for good luck. If you don't know or he doesn't have one, make one up.
8) An anime/manga character
9) Anything from your fandom
10) A last name of someone from your fandom who you DON'T want to have anything romantic to do with.

So, uh...

Brooklyn Ereshkigal Bluesnake Anne Willow Isabelle Treyvor Sakura Pistol Beckett.


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So I have a pretty good fic premise and not much else. I need to figure out what a world in the aftermath of a war between Mary Sues and sporkers would look like.

And who's in charge of things now.

And how to get the main group of heroes together.

And how the heroes find out about the Sues in the first place.

And what they do about it.

And how the Sues are eventually defeated.

And what other fandoms I'm going to include along with the two main ones.

And where to post the fic when I write it.

And how to crosspost from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth.

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I am seriously considering deliberately writing a bad Mary-Sue fanfic and posting it on just so I can watch how people react to it.

Save me.

A letter

Sep. 27th, 2016 03:49 pm
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Dear fanfiction writers,

If even someone who knows nothing about the canon in question can tell your OC is a Mary Sue, you're doing something wrong.

Best regards,
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