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In which Charlise meets the crew and sings a song.

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It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. It could have been better, but I enjoyed it more that I thought I would.

Things I did:

-Yelled "Open your mouth!" at Emmy during "Think Of Me"
-Found the Phantom-kills-Buquet scene just as awesome as I remembered it
-Cried during "All I Ask Of You"
-Burst out laughing during the sword fight
-Squealed every time there was an R/C moment
-Squealed at wet, tied-up Patrick
-Missed Christine mouthing "I love you" to Raoul, so I kept rewinding the DVD until I saw it
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In which Charlise steals a hat, the Cute Animal Friend shows up, and our heroes escape the soldiers.

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Since my last sporking was kind of a failure, I bring you a significantly more Sue-ish PotC fic to try and make up for it.

Aria: As long as you're sure it's a Sue this time around, and not merely a flat character...

I'm sure, I'm sure.

Title: A Sirens Call

Author: CaptainCharliseSiren

Summary: Charlise Siren is no one. Atleast until she gets rescued from her hanging by a VERY notorious pirate. And she's up for an adventure of a lifetime.

Notes: The author's profile frightens me. That is all.
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After more than a month, Chapter Two is up.

I'd promise myself to never go this long between updates again, but I know I likely wouldn't be able to keep that promise.
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Due to a combination of school, vacation, illness, and lack of motivation, I haven't made very much progress on Ghost Ship. I only need to make a few minor adjustments and I'll be done revising Chapter One, but I really have no clue where to go from there. Actually, not true. I know where I'm going, just not how to get there.

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Day before yesterday:

Found out Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn appeared in a movie together.


Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Was not disappointed.

Best weekend I've had in a while.

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To save myself, Aria, and Naomi time and energy, I'm doing a report on Hope. The fic as a whole isn't bad enough to warrant a full-length sporking.

Report format shamelessly stolen from [ profile] heave_ho.

TITLE: Pirates of the Caribbean: Moonlight's Curse
CULPRIT: ArianaielNightstar
SUMMARY: COMPLETED. In this first installment of a series of 3, follow Hope Danforth, daughter of Port Royal's minister, on a journey that takes her to a future she never expected would happen. This is where the legacy of Hope Danforth began.
BEST LINE: "Gentlemen, maladies. You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught, Captain, Jack, Sparrow!" Jack said pushing Elizabeth into Norrington's waiting arms and almost toppling the others as Jack turned and hit a lever with his foot.

NAME: Hope Danforth
HAIR: Not described
EYES: Not described
OBNOXIOUS AND/OR IMPLAUSIBLE ORIGIN: Reverend William Danforth and his wife Isabelle.
OBNOXIOUS AND/OR IMPLAUSIBLE CANON CONNECTIONS/AFFILIATIONS: Is Elizabeth's BFF, later befriends Will and convinces him to teach her to sword fight. Gets engaged to Gillette, but ends up falling in love with Jack and breaking off the engagement.
TRAGIC PAST: Her older sister was killed by pirates.

THE "PLOT": We open up with Isabelle giving birth to Hope, after which she instructs the midwife to tell everyone she died in childbirth, then runs off and abandons her family for no adequately explained reason. Hope receives a point in her favor for not using her mother's supposed death as an excuse to angst. Fast-forward thirteen years. Hope meets Elizabeth. Norrington proposes to Hope's older sister Catherine. Pirates attack Port Royal and kill Catherine. Will meets Hope and agrees to give her fencing lessons. Gillette proposes to Hope. The rest of the fic is your basic rehash of the first movie with an OC tagging along.

NOTES: The fic is more mediocre than bad, but the author has no idea how to use commas or attribute dialogue. At all.

Hope understandably hates pirates because they killed her sister, but she gets over that hatred awfully quickly once she, Jack, and Elizabeth get marooned on the island.

Hope is a newborn when Isabelle leaves, thirteen when she meets Elizabeth, fourteen when Catherine dies, fifteen when she meets Will, seventeen when she asks Will to teach her to fence, nineteen when Gillette proposes, and twenty-one when the events of the movie happen. That's far too many timeskips for my liking.

We meet an obviously creepy bit character, who sexually assaults the Sue just so Gillette can come to the rescue. )

Jack and the Sue enact a clich´┐Ż. )

Jack confesses his love to the Sue. )
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Was thinking about The Secret Garden this morning (don't ask me why; I haven't read that book in years) when something occurred to me.

Why did no one ever tell Mary about Colin? She found him on her own, and by accident. Would "You have a cousin named Colin. He's too ill to receive visitors at the moment, but you might be able to meet him someday" really have been so hard to say? And why did everyone try to hide him from her? In the chapter where Mary hears Colin moaning and crying, Martha insists it's the wind.

The things you think about at six in the morning.

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At long last, it's finally up: Ghost Ship

If I don't receive at least one Raoul-bashing review, I will be very disappointed.
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Have recovered from aforementioned shock.

In other news, The Unknown's summary reminds me of Phantom.

"A criminal on the run hides in a circus and seeks to possess the daughter of the ringmaster at any cost."

And it even stars Erik and Raoul! Er, Lon Chaney and Norman Kerry.

I'd like to see it, but I can't find it anywhere. *pouts* I want more Chaney in my movie diet.
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Just watched Witness for the Prosecution.

I'll let you know when I've fully recovered from the shock.

I doubt it will be anytime soon.

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Turns out I have no idea how to write an action scene. At all.

There is plenty of information about how pirates boarded ships, but nothing about how they actually got the captain and crew to surrender. So I'm on my own for that part.

I've decided to call the fic Ghost Ship, for lack of a better title.

I wish I had more faith in my writing skills.

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In which Hope meets Will, convinces him to teach her to swordfight, and...well, you'll see.

Warning: Chapter Four contains sexual assault.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything POTC related.
NOTE: Sorry that last chapter was so sad and depressing. I thought it necessary to accentuate that part of Hope's life to help the flow of the rest of the prequel, with Jack Sparrow's entrance and her attitude towards him in the beginning.

Aria: Something about that scares me.


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Holy shit.

Jun. 30th, 2017 01:47 pm
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I have read this story twice now and still cannot comprehend it.

Good grief. I know I can be a bit of an attention seeker on the Internet, but I've never done anything like THIS. I applaud the poster's Internet detective work. (And yes, I know this post is six years old, but it's still well worth sharing.) Now I'm starting to wonder about all my Internet friends...

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Good grief, that's a long title.

In honor of PotC 5 (which I still haven't seen yet), I'm sporking this fic. Or rather, I'm making my OCs Aria and Naomi spork this fic.

Hey, ladies. Remember Gethsemane Butler?
Aria: I try not to. What about her?
Her stories are long gone off of, but her profile's still there...and with it, her favorites list.
Naomi: Oh, boy.
Most of them are from fandoms I don't know, but there were two PotC fics and one Phantom fic. This was the shortest of the three. The Sue is fairly inoffensive, but the prose and grammar suck. Shall we?
Aria: You say that like we have a choice.
Naomi: *elbows Aria* Sure!


Chapter One )

Next Chapter: A Life Started & A Future Ended

Aria: How do you end a future?
Naomi: Wait, the lights aren't coming back on. Does this mean we have to do another chapter?
Aria: I guess.

Warning: This chapter contains a death.

Chapter Two )

Next Chapter: The Art of Love

Naomi: I smell Sue-romance.
Aria: So do I, but that's for next chapter.
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The director for They Died With Their Boots On?

Raoul Walsh.


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Indestructible - Introduction and Part I

Or, a multi-part meditation on Severus Snape, moral struggle, and love.

This looks bad already.

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This author's note is not the worst I've ever read, but I refuse to leave any part of this fic unsporked, so here you go.


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